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About us

RICHtecnologies Computer & Communications Limited was formed in year 2000 by a Group of indigenous ICT & GIS experts. The Company was subsequently incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission in 2003 and was issued a certificate of registration No 488689

In RICHtecnologies, we put reliance on our relationship with our numerous customers who we regard as our most valuable assets. In addition, we see the clients as our Business Partners who require special attention in meeting their ICT needs at all times.

Richtecnologies has over the years maintained a symbol of unique ideas and success and we have made available to our clients specially designed ICT solutions that meet their peculiar situations. Also, we, at all times, deploy our resources towards meeting all the ICT challenges of our customers.

In RICHtecnologies, we believe in strategic business relationship with our clients and business partners to produce mutual benefits.

RICHtechnologies is a registered IT and Geographic Information System (GIS) consultancy Company. We offer GIS and IT services to various organizations.